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  • Cloud-based predictive modeling for asthma readmission

    We implemented a cloud-based predictive modeling system via a hybrid setup combining a secure private server with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic MapReduce platform. EHR data is preprocessed on a private server and the resulting event sequences are hosted on AWS

    Predictive modeling, Cloud, AWS, Readmission prediction
  • Clustering patients using activity of daily living scores

    Grouping patients can play an important role in designing clinical trials or improving care delivery. In this paper, we present a method for stratifying patients based on their ADL scores.

    ADL, Nursing informatics, Clustering
  • Digital Slide Archive

    Advanced Development of an Open-source Platform for Web- based Integrative Digital Image Analysis in Cancer

    Cancer, Whole-slide images, Web services, Big data, Openseadragon, Girder, Webix
  • Epilepsy treatment recommendation

    he aim is to build a reliable prediction model for predicting the optimal treatment of an epilepsy patient.

    Predictive modeling, Epilepsy, Treatment recommendation
  • Quantifying care coordination

    This research identifies specific care coordination activities used by Aging In Place (AIP) nurse care coordinators and home healthcare nurses when coordinating care for older community dwelling adults and suggests a method to quantify care coordination.

    Care coordination, Nursing informatics, NLP
  • Clinical predictive model deployment using FHIR web services

    Clinical predictive modeling involves two challenging tasks: model development and model deployment. In this paper we demonstrate a software architecture for developing and deploying clinical predictive models using web services via the Health Level 7 (HL7) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard.

    Predictive modeling, FHIR, Machine learning, Healthcare, Deployment


I served as an instructor and teaching assistant for the following courses at Georgia Tech:

  • Big Data Analytics in Healthcare, 2015
  • Vertically Integrated Projects - Computational Health, 2014-2015

I served as an instructor and teaching assistant for the following courses at the University of Missouri:

  • Capstone Senior Design II
  • Capstone Senior Design I
  • Science & Engineering of the WWW
  • Operating Systems I
  • Introduction to WWW
  • Algorithm Design & Programming I (Java)